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Winifred is New Zealand fashion label by designer maker Kenya Quin with a focus on Slow fashion, timeless, minimal design and quality garments. 

In the Making // Lookbook

Kenya Quin’s ‘In the Making’ is a visual representation of mental illness in the creative industry combined with an expressive textile manipulation of embroidery showing the idea of craft therapy, a healing creative outlet. It is a reflection of the previous work she has produced. Looking at expanding upon previous concepts and sticking to her personal design aesthetic, through critiquing mostly her past collection ‘Distressed Perception’.


The aesthetic of the collection follows a muted and calm colour pallet, inclusive of pastel tones of blue, purple, grey and white with pops of murky green and a bright peach through the embroidery. Quin’s collection features minimal silhouettes that are influenced by her personal take on traditional Chinese garments and more modern styles of Chinese work wear, such as clothes worn by the ‘Maio mothers and daughters’ that work making and dying clothing for Chinese fashion label ‘Urban Tribe’. The silhouettes are a combination of loose and fitted garments that feature ties or belting to give off the conflicting ideas of feeling overwhelmed and constricted but at the same time, feeling relaxed and unrestrained. Most of the garments have raw edges that unravel and leave stands of thread suspended form the pieces to express the theme of an unraveling mind and represent an unfinished state of creating. The embroidery that is present within the collection is messy, unplanned and unraveling showing the endless cycle of disappointment, recognition and satisfaction that the creative process follows. Through this Quin has created a 6-outfit collection, which features 22 interchangeable pieces that can be layered or styled in different ways.


Photographer: Dylan Peat

Model: Lily Van Buskirk @alimcdagencey