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Winifred is New Zealand fashion label by designer maker Kenya Quin with a focus on Slow fashion, timeless, minimal design and quality garments. 

NZFW Showcase Collection // 2016


New Zealand Fashion presented an opportunity to showcase, Kenya Quins, graduate collection ‘In the Making’ to a large audience of industry professionals in the fashion community. Because of this Quin chose to extend the collection into a new body of work that focused on ready to wear garments that could easily transfer from runway to storefront showing her commercial skills as a designer maker.


The collection still followed the themes and inspirations behind the original collection utilizing expressive hand embroidery as craft therapy, a healing creative outlet. Combining oversized vs. fitted silhouettes and fit and flare with a layered styling to give a weight that can be interpreted as constraining or comforting. Raw edges unravel and leave strands of thread suspended from the garments to express the theme of an unraveling mind and to represent a never-ending state of creating. With extending the body of work Quin also introduced a new textile technique of Shirring, using rows of elastic to bring in the silhouettes of garments in necklines, sleeves and around the bust to create texture and enhance the juxtaposition of fitted vs. oversized silhouettes in a controlled way that was still commercial. Chinese colour systems inform the soft and calming palette, which enhances the sense of relaxation for the designer-maker and for the wearer. The hand embroidery is the result of a therapeutic action; it is messy, unplanned and unraveling, never finished. ‘In The Making’ communicates the endless cycle of anxiety, disappointment, happiness, recognition and satisfaction as the creative process continues.

Photographer: Dylan Peat

Model: Milly Dixon

Shoes Supplied by Andrea Biani Shop

Jewellery and Accessories by Kenya Quin